Admission open for Primary and Elementary age group for the academic year 2022-23!

The child is not an empty being who owes whatever he knows to us who have filled him up with it. No! The child is the builder of man. There is no man existing who has not been formed by the child he once was.

Dr. Maria Montessori
Montessori Method

The Montessori Method of education builds a child’s capability to become a productive adult, able to contribute to the world—at home, at work and in the community. It focuses on independence, respect for a child’s natural development, and freedom (within limits).

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Montessori Curriculum

Knowledge is much more than simple memorization and repetition of facts. Rote memorization does not nurture a child’s individual skills and abilities. In fact, it inhibits or reduces them, Montessori insisted that knowledge should be made specific enough so that any child of any age can understand. The Montessori curriculum emphasizes learning as a process that cannot be determined only by a child’s age.

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Montessori Classrooms

Montessori environments are unique and engaging learning environments designed to fit the specific needs of each child’s stage of development. It provides a child-centered setting, in which mastery of certain ideas is emphasized without placing unnecessary limitations on the child. It is adapted to the culture of the place in which the school functions.

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"Professional team that aims to respect your child's feeling,to give them responsibility."

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