Need For Alternative Schooling

Need for Alternative Schooling

There is an increasing need for Alternative Schooling mainly because of the following aspects of traditional schooling.

  • Stressful learning and academic demands with undue emphasis on memorizing a lot of information
  • Lack of personalized learning plans
  • Daily routine of being forced to do things without involving child in his/her own learning
  • Schools not preparing children psychologically for career and college readiness
  • Lack of opportunities that aid in practical and real life learning experiences
  • Learning is limited by textbooks and exams
  • Large volume of homework
  • Crowded classrooms
  • Difficulty in changing schools because of unrealistically high expectation levels and emphasis on fixed procedures/ eligibility criteria
  • No flexibility of teaching timings to support the training schedules of children who are into sports, fine arts, music and theatre or to accommodate therapies/remedial work for children with learning difficulties
  • Not an environment where children enjoy learning.
  • Not much emphasis on mental well being and overall development of the child

All children have natural curiosity, passions, talents and interests. When they stop feeling forced, they become active participants in their education. This gives children a sense of authority and control over their education. Children who experience a high level of engagement with the curriculum will become lifelong learners, eager and ready to meet the standards expected in high school or colleges.