Salient Features of the SAIL Program

  • Setting up young adolescents for success by incorporating creativity, choice and collaboration.
  • Strengthening growing independence through building up organization and time-management skills.
  • Keeping the learners engaged, authentically and deeply by giving choices for several options across the curriculum.
  • Helping children set specific, relevant and attainable goals for their education.
  • Creating individualized curriculum specific to each child along with the child. All curriculum areas are interrelated and these connections are consciously discussed.
  • Presenting academics with prepared materials that model different ways to organize.
  • Weekly sessions on study skills for academic success that help children be prepared to take up examinations and co-curricular activities are conducted.
  • Taking field trips (both day and overnight) and exploring new places are part of the program.
  • Strengthening social skills, by incorporating many options for community activities.
  • Understanding each parent’s goals for their child’s education and providing parent support.
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